Improved OpenDocument Support

07/05/2017 20:15:42

Continuing my theme of working on zip-based export formats, I have pushed a commit to the development branch of MultiMarkdown-6 that improves OpenDocument support:

  • The zip-based OpenDocument (odt) format is now supported. This includes packaging image assets in the document, just like EPUB and TextBundle formats. This has been tested with png images, but might not work with other image formats.

  • The Flat OpenDocument Text format (fodt) has been rewritten to share code with the regular variant. All tests still seem to pass, and this will make it easier to keep things in sync moving forward.

  • The command line arguments have been changed to reflect this – instead of odf, you can now use odt and fodt.

  • The framework can be adapted readily to other OpenDocument formats. The only one that makes sense at this time is Presentation documents. I need to work on some default style settings, which unfortunately is more rigid than I would have hoped (e.g. manually specifying layout dimensions). I’ll keep playing with it.

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