Major Update - MultiMarkdown 3.0b8 Released

02/25/2011 11:12:13

MMD 3.0b8 is now available:

  • OPML Support should be fixed. OPML works on Windows, but I am not familiar with good outlining applications for Windows, nor ones that support the _note attribute used for text notes in OmniOutliner and supported by MultiMarkdown. Suggestions welcome!

  • OpenDocument support has been included. There are limitations (images are not included, and citations don’t work). But the general document structure works. The default styles aren’t fantastic, but can easily be tweaked. If you find a problem, please file an issue on the github site. But keep in mind this feature is still in flux and needs work. This will likely be the official mechanism for creating RTF documents from MultiMarkdown (create an OpenDocument file, and then use, LibreOffice, etc to convert to RTF).

  • Convenience scripts are available on all platforms (mmd2opml, mmd2odf) for the new output formats.

  • New Windows Installer - Thanks to Lee Powell, I have used the BitRock cross platform installer to create an actual installer for Windows that will install the binary, convenience scripts, and libraries, create an Uninstaller, as well as fix the system PATH. This should work MUCH better than my hackish batch file from before.

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