Other ways to support MultiMarkdown

04/05/2011 22:11:38

In addition to making donations via the PayPal button or Bitcoin link to the right (Thanks to everyone who has donated!!!), there are some other ways to express your support of MultiMarkdown that don’t cost you a single penny.


If you haven’t heard of Dropbox, it’s absolutely worth checking out. Basically, it allows you to keep all the files in a folder on your computer in sync with “the cloud.” You can use it to keep files in sync on multiple computers, or to be able to access your files from anywhere in the world via a web browser, your iPhone, or tons of applications that use it for storage.

If you want to show your support for MultiMarkdown, and you don’t already have a dropbox account, you can use this referral link to sign up and you and I will both get an extra 250 MB of free storage, on top of the 2 GB you get for free.

I truthfully can’t tell you how many times a day I use this service — it’s fantastic.

Contribute to the wiki

The MultiMarkdown wiki is used to document how to use MMD, and it’s a great place to document any tips or tricks you’ve discovered, or to ask and answer FAQs. If you are so inclined, I also appreciate contributions to help improve the wiki!

Contribute code

MultiMarkdown is stored on github, which is a great site for hosting open-source projects. If you’re familiar with git, it’s easy to fork a project and start working on your own improvements. These changes can then be pulled back into the original project, so others can share your improvements.

Ideas for code contributions:

  • help me find and fix memory leaks in MultiMarkdown
  • help me figure out how to implement MathML in ODF export
  • help add MultiMarkdown support to the github wiki (gollum/sinatra)
  • add support for “true” RTF export