MultiMarkdown 3.0b6 released

02/23/2011 11:57:40

This beta release fixes a few bugs from peg-markdown and some bugs specific to MultiMarkdown.

Additionally, I added a new output format, opml. This will convert a MultiMarkdown text file into an OPML file suitable for importing into OmniOutliner (and possibly other programs). There are limitations in the OPML format that prevent it from being truly compatible when it comes to including text, and not just the header levels. The files created in this format are compatible with the MultiMarkdown exporter for OmniOutliner. There are a few limitations in this, but my tests so far have worked well. There is still the old script from MMD 2.0, that in some cases might actually work better (when you “skip” header levels for instance).

ODF support is still under development. There might be difficulty getting images and citations supported — I’m open to suggestions. There are a few other tweaks I want to get ready for 3.0, but it’s definitely been stable enough for my own use for quite a while.

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