TextBundle Support

07/02/2017 19:36:43

TextBundle Support added to MultiMarkdown-6

Earlier today, I pushed a commit to the development branch of MultiMarkdown 6 that adds support for TextBundle as an output format. Technically, only the compressed variant, TextPack, is supported. This is basically the regular TextBundle folder format compressed as a zip file.

I’ll add the regular version soon, but want to make sure everything is working properly.

A few caveats:

  • All files are transcluded prior to processing, so the resulting TextBundle file with have a single text file inside of it.

  • A pre-converted copy of the file in HTML format is included for convenience.

  • Just like the EPUB format, assets are embedded inside the zip. Currently, this includes a CSS file (if the css metadata is used), as well as images.

  • If MMD is compiled with libCurl support, then images located on remote servers will also be embedded in the TextBundle.

Additional Thoughts

The TextBundle format is an interesting idea, and solves a tricky problem for a small group of technically inclined users. Because it is very similar to the EPUB format, but simpler, it made sense for me to add it to MMD as it wasn’t too difficult.

That said, I don’t think the TextBundle format has gained the traction amongst users that was originally expected. I don’t use the format myself, at least not yet. So I welcome input from anyone who does to help me fix any bugs that exist.

Hopefully it will be useful for some, however!!

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