MultiMarkdown Announcements

03/22/2017 22:15:00

I have a couple of exciting announcements for MultiMarkdown users!!

  1. MultiMarkdown v 6.0 is ready. I started working on it around a year ago, and have put a lot of time into it over the last 6 months. The short version is that it’s faster, more accurate, more reliable, and has more features.

    • MMD v6 is available at Github
    • More information is available in the QuitckStart guide
    • The User’s Guide will still take some time to be rewritten.
    • The README has some information on biggest changes
  2. To celebreate MMD v6, I am about to release a new utility application – MultiMarkdown Converter. It’s a drag and drop front end that allows quick and easy conversion of text documents into any format supported by MultiMarkdown. There’s no more need to memorize terminal commands to make full use of MultiMarkdown. Not everyone needs this, which is fine. But it makes MMD easier to use for anyone who is unfamiliar with the Terminal, or just doesn’t want to be bothered with keeping an installation of MMD up to date.

    MMD Converter comes in three “flavors” – the standard version as well as HTML- and EPUB-specific versions. More information is available on the website

As for the future, there are a few things in the works…. MMD Composer 3 is still in development. In order to fully implement some of the features I’m working on, I needed to make improvements to MMD itself. This led to MMD v6. Now that MMD 6 is out, I’ll be able to continue working on Composer. The new engine for Composer that I’m working on is cross-platform compatible. This will make it (relatively) easy to migrate to not just iOS, but potentially other platforms as well (no promises there!).

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