MMD 3.0 and RTF

05/13/2011 12:44:08

I’ll start posting various quick tips on the site. They’ll be tagged with “tips”, as well as any other pertinent tags.

This one is a reminder for those to whom it is not obvious (which may be everyone but me). MultiMarkdown (MMD) 2.0 used Apples textutil command to convert MMD into RTF. It did this by first creating an HTML document, and then processing the HTML into RTF via the textutil command. I was never very satisfied with this approach, as it is Mac only, and offer’s relatively little control over the output. Additionally, many features don’t really work that well, e.g. footnotes.

While it’s true that there is no built in RTF support for MultiMarkdown 3.0 (though I continue to offer assistance to anyone out there who cares enough about RTF to put together some tools), there’s no reason that this approach won’t still work. That’s what the script in the MultiMarkdown Support package does.

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