MultiMarkdown 3.0a7 released; Ready for beta?

01/20/2011 19:43:11

MultiMarkdown 3.0a7 has been released. I think that this may mark the point at which I am ready to proceed into beta testing.

So I ask for help in testing MMD 3, specifically:

  • make sure the installers work well for you

  • make sure there are no missing syntax features that you used previously in MMD 2

  • make sure the output you get is the output you expect

Keep in mind, that there are a few intentional changes in the syntax and output — these should all be documented in the README. But if there is something that seems wrong to you, please let me know.

I have a collection of fairly complicated sample documents that I have been using for my own quality testing for quite a while and they all seem to be working appropriately. Additionally, there are tests to ensure compatibility with the original Markdown, and to verify that the proper XHTML or LaTeX output is generated.

During the beta phase, I will continue to collect reports of bugs/issues. I will also work to improve some support files to help make the transition seamless when moving from MMD 2.0 (including most of the utility scripts in MultiMarkdown/bin/). Additionally, I will try to get the basic XSLT files working and compatible with MMD 3.0 syntax and output.

Once MMD 3 is finished, I would then like to work on MMD 2.0 to bring it into compliance with the MMD 3 syntax. This is for users that must run MMD using Perl. The peg-multimarkdown version will become the “official” version.

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