Progress on My Mac OS X MultiMarkdown Editor

07/12/2011 21:41:06

Some of you have been keeping up with my progress on my most recent MMD-based project — a Mac OS X editor for MultiMarkdown plain text files. I described it in an earlier post or two.

I’ve been making a lot of headway, adding:

  • support for user customizable stylesheets based on Ali’s code

  • routines that automatically format the whitespace in your metadata, and tables as you type — keeping things looking sharp in your editor without any effort on your part

  • beginning work on the ability to go in and clean up poorly formatted MD/MMD text files - unwrap paragraphs, remove extraneous spacing in your metadata

  • and, last but no least, support for Brett Terpstra’s Marked

If you haven’t seen this app yet, please take a moment to view the web page. Basically, it’s a fairly simple app that does one thing, and does it really well. It watches a plain text file, and shows a preview of it after processing through MMD (or other program of your choice). Whenever you save changes to the file, your preview updates. It doesn’t matter which editor you use — Marked just watches the file. It comes with a built-in version of MMD 2, but if you have MMD 3 installed it will use it.

So, while you’re using my new app to create your content, you can easily view the document in Marked with a simple keystroke. And if for some reason you don’t have Marked installed, a quick alternative preview window will be used from within my software (again, MMD 3 must be installed on your machine for this to work).

The timing on this could not have been better. I was pondering how much effort I wanted to put into creating the preview aspects of my app when this comes out. So, you can imagine that the answer is that I won’t be putting too much effort into this at all. Do yourself a favor and buy this app!

Work on my app continues on github, and you can download the code or a preview version:

And of course, the requisite screenshot…

preview image of mmd-edit
preview image of mmd-edit

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