MMD-Edit is progressing nicely

07/06/2011 22:31:22

I am continuing work on my text editor for the Mac, MMD-Edit. It’s based on work described in another post, but briefly it performs syntax highlighting of MultiMarkdown syntax.

Additionally, it now calculates tabstops to make the metadata and tables look better. To take advantage of this, you need a tab between the metadata key and the value, and a leading tab at the beginning of each line for any values that span multiple lines.

As for tables, you can insert a space before the ‘|’ cell divider.

The feature is still pretty basic, and will likely cause your computer to explode on any but the simplest of tables (it doesn’t handle cells that span more than one column, for example). But it’s a start!

You can download a copy or find out more:

Note: I renamed the project, so old URL’s won’t work…

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