MMD-Edit Update

07/24/2011 17:45:39

It’s time for another update on the progress of my forthcoming app for editing Markdown/MultiMarkdown documents.

New features:

  • Drawer with automatic, hierarchical outline view of the headers in your document —- creating a table of contents to allow you to instantly navigate to any section
  • Custom export command — you can enter any shell command you desire to allow you to customize your output workflow. The text of your document is piped to your command, and the output is written to the file you specify in the export dialog. This allows you to use whatever complicated pre-processors, post-processors, XSLT, etc. you desire
  • Support for mmd_merge - if you use mmd_merge, you can open the index document and instantly create a new document based on the output of the mmd_merge command
  • Built-in MMD3 and tools — this app is entirely self-sustained. You don’t have to have a separate install of MMD for any of the features. But the built in version only works with the app - so you will still need a separate install if you want to work from the command line or with other applications
  • Print support — finally an app that actually prints plain text documents the way it’s supposed to! Your document prints with the chosen style sheet. You can choose the “plain” stylesheet if you don’t want highlighting to appear on your printout.
  • Wider OS support — the version of MMD 3 built in will run on 32 or 64 bit machines, and should run on 10.5 or 10.6. I have not upgraded to Lion yet, so it is not yet Lion tested.

I’m getting close to having all the features I want for a version 1 release. I’m currently in the process of fixing a few of the bugs that are still in place (thanks to the beta testers for finding more!!) I’ve begun (barely) to write some documentation/web copy. I need to design an icon. I also need to go through some of the legal stuff to prepare to actually sell it.

But I’ve made a lot of headway, and I’m pleased with how it’s shaping up!

MMD-Edit screenshot
MMD-Edit screenshot

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Old Comments

This is sounding great Fletcher. I’m really looking forward to it. Table cleanup with a proportional font, printing – fabulous.

I am especially happy to hear about the custom export command. I use MMD with wkhtmltopdf all the time, and am hoping this will allow me to integrate it easily into an MMD-Edit workflow.

You’ll be working on an iPad version next, right? :)

We’ll see. I am definitely interested in an iOS app of some sort. Might have a different feature set, but with recent developments in MMD, iOS support should be possible!