I've Seen the Future...

06/29/2011 20:55:13


For anyone who doesn’t follow the Markdown discussion list, do yourself a favor and check out this thread.

Ali Rantakari has taken the PEG from peg-markdown and used it to build a syntax highlighter. Said highlighter is compatible with Cocoa apps.

Which means that it is possible to build a MMD text editor with built in highlighting, using essentially the same PEG built into peg-markdown.

I have built a very rough Cocoa app that uses this highlighter for a document based app. So basically, you can edit plain text files on your mac, and see them highlighted in a way that correlates to the Markdown syntax.

This app is not finished. It’s just a proof of concept. It uses the peg-markdown PEG, not the MMD 3 PEG, so it doesn’t get MMD extensions to the Markdown syntax.

But it basically works!

I hope that this concept can be used to build some really amazing applications!

download mmd-editor

original project page

PS> The code can be used to create qt and gtk2 apps as well, but don’t ask me to figure that out…


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