Call for volunteers to add RTF

04/14/2011 08:17:01

I have posted a new issue on github outlining a plan by which I would be willing to help coordinate efforts to add RTF as an output format for MMD 3.0.

It really wouldn’t be that hard to do. And if done right, it could be added to MMD 3.0 and also John MacFarlane’s original peg-markdown (if he’s interested).

So if anyone is interested, simply create your own fork of peg-multimarkdown from github, and follow the example I created for ODF and described briefly in the issue tracker.

I think RTF is a crappy format. You can currently create ODF and convert to RTF via OpenOffice or LibreOffice — so it’s possible to use MMD 3 with RTF, but not convenient. But I understand that others do use RTF and I’m willing to include it. I’m just not interested in writing it myself.

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