Google Chrome has issues with my site

03/24/2010 13:38:15
tags: server, web

I have received notification from a couple of people that they have trouble accessing my site using Chrome. Other browsers work fine.

First, Chrome is in beta. It’s probably going to have some bugs.

Second, the fact that the site loads in other browsers suggests again that the problem is Chrome, not my site.

Third, I periodically revalidate a few key pages to make sure the code is valid XHTML. There a few non-valid CSS features, but that’s all I’ve found of anything close to being significant.

Fourth, Chrome for Mac works just fine for me (other than an overly aggressive cache feature).

So, I suggest that you clear the browser cache and hit reload twice to try and force chrome to reload the latest version of the site. Otherwise, use another browser until all the kinks are worked out with Chrome.

Of course, if anyone can find anything actually wrong with my site, I am more than happy to fix it. But as long as it’s a couple of users who have trouble with one browser (that’s still in beta), and I can use the same browser successfully, I have to assume that the problem is not actually with my site.

At least until proven otherwise.

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