OK, So what's up with Google???!?

04/16/2003 19:58:41
tags: Google

First, I love Google’s search engine. It is pretty much the only one I use. But since setting up a couple of web sites a few months ago, I have noticed some strange stuff.

Periodically, I will search for terms that I know appear on my web sites.

And within a few days of setting up a brand new site, my pages would appear in what seemed to be a reasonable position within the results.

But in the last few weeks, I have noticed that my site seemed to be going “back in time.” Each day, I would watch as the cached versions of my site became earlier and earlier versions, finally resulting in the “This site under construction” sign I put up the first couple of days. I have not changed anything on the original web site, though freeshell did lose service for 5 days or so. But everything is now back the way it was, except for a new ip number.

Within a day or two of any real content appearing on this site, the home page showed up on google. But none of the subsites that were linked to appeared. And now, the site is gone altogether.

I can’t help but think of the problems this is causing around the world, unless I am the only one “being targeted.” I knew I shouldn’t have said anything about being a Mac fan…. ;)

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