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How do I format text when I edit a page?

For full details, checkout MarkdownSyntax. I no longer use the default OddMuse rules.

Who can edit a page?

Anyone can. That’s the beauty of a wiki. The catch is that there is no spamming, and you should stick to [[Appropriate Topics]]. If you aren’t sure, just ask!

What’s up with the “EditNearLinks” section at the bottom?

NearLinks are a way of referencing content on a short list of other Wiki sites. For instance, this site keeps track of the pages on several other wikis (Oddmuse, Community, MeatBall), and you can link to pages on those sites simply by using the page name as if it was a local page If you wish to create an identically named page on this site, however, the EditNearLinks feature at the bottom makes that a simple one click process.

What’s the InterMap abbreviation that you prefer for this site?

I use \WanderingWiki. See my InterMap page for more information.

What’s the difference between the old site, and the new wiki?

For a variety of reasons (CommentSpam, the lack of speed with which Blosxom 3 was appearing, the feeling that it was time for something new to play with, and the desire to allow others to more actively contribute to my site) I migrated from Blosxom to Oddmuse. I am slowly but surely migrating content from the olds site to the new site. As I do that, I update my .htaccess file such that links to migrated portions are automatically redirected to the wiki. I have disabled the posting of new comments on the old site, though previously submitted comments still exist for the viewing.

The old site has been removed, because blosxom was going crazy and causing my website to be disabled. I still have a bit of old content to migrate, but most of the old URL’s should be redirected.

How do I get a question answered?

Simply add it here, and I (or someone else) will answer it!

Can I get a copy of your CSS?

I’ve started using oddmuse for my website (www.linuxrobots.org) and I’m trying to figure out how I want my site to look, and then how to do it. I really like the way your site is organized. Would it be possible to get a copy of your CSS template?

Thanks, Michael

There are several aspects of an answer to that question:

  1. It’s possible to copy anybody’s CSS - just examine the source for a page, find out where that site’s CSS file lives, and then enter that URL in your browser. You will then see the the raw source of the CSS file, ready to be pilfered to your heart’s content. Granted, I don’t know the exact legal/expected rules of doing this, I suppose that the CSS is typically licensed/copyrighted in the same manner as the rest of the site.

    The url for my CSS, in case you have trouble, is <deprecated>.

  2. My CSS is basically a slightly modified version of that used by Alex Schröder, the author of OddMuse. I have tweaked it to make it work a little better, but haven’t gotten around to really modify the look and feel as much as I intended. I don’t see a particular statement from Alex about using his CSS, but I assume it’s ok (I haven’t heard otherwise, and he has been to my site on multiple occasions). It’s certainly ok by me to use my changes.

Thanks! I’ve copied your main.css and now I’ll work on getting it right for me. Thanks very much for sharing.

When is it appropriate to edit a page, as opposed to leaving a comment?


I suppose everyone has to answer this question for themselves, but I prefer to edit the page when there is a correction to be made, new information that should be included that I feel everyone will agree with, or specific changes to be made that a new visitor shouldn’t have to try and track down.

If I have a question, want to discuss a possible change before making it, or contribute to a “running commentary” (especially when it’s important to see when statements were added) I use the comments.

I like for the main page to be a little more factual and informative (though some of my pages are inherently opionated), and for the comments to be more of running dialogue that is preserved over time.

For better or for worse, there have been minimal changes to my pages by visitors to my site, but they have posted comments. I certainly don’t mind people editing the actual pages, and would encourage it, but it’s also ok to post comments.

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