Why does anyone put up with Microsoft Software?

04/15/2003 14:54:41

I admit it. I like Mac OS X. I even like other *nix offerings. But I can’t stand Microsoft. Sure, they have produced some good things (I believe they originated rtf, for instance), but for the most part, my experience suggests that Microsoft products make my life more frustrating, not less.

In any event, anyone using Internet Explorer to view my site probably won’t see it exactly how it is supposed to appear. On the Mac, it leaves off some of the background graphics. On Windoze, it doesn’t handle the icons quite right, but you can still see them. On the Mac, I recommend Safari. On Windoze, perhaps one of the open source browsers?

My web site validates using iCab and the WDG HTML Validator, with the exception of some improperly nested paragraph tags and a few missing alt tags and the recent referer plug-in, so I don’t think that this is a problem with poor html code, though that is always a possibility. I will continue to play with the source to make it more “compatible”, but it is frustrating to have to tailor my page to work with browsers that don’t work properly…

Why can’t Microsoft just play nice?

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