Old web entries migrating to this site

12/07/2009 11:19:20

My web sites have previously used blosxom, then OddMuse, then Movable Type, and now finally my own custom solution relying primarily on MultiMarkdown and a few cgi scripts. Between the changes, I have also used two different domain names.

When I started this site, I moved much of my “main” content over, but left behind several hundred pages, some of which contained some marginally interesting/useful information. It was stored in an OddMuse wiki, and I didn’t take much time to think about how to easily move all of the content over, or what to do about forwarding any requests to the old site.

Over the weekend, I wrote a script to convert the old OddMuse page files into MultiMarkdown documents suitable for posting to my new site. I was able to salvage the original creation date (or at least the last modification date) for the posts.

These posts will appear in the archives filed under their original date. I have tagged some of them using my new tag support, but they are all indexed for the similar pages feature. I suspect that will be how any visitors may stumble across them.

Rather than trying to do anything fancy with my old site, however, I will probably pull the plug and put a URL redirect that directs visitors to a landing page here. I don’t think it gets much traffic, and it certainly hasn’t seen any maintenance from me in a long time….

Over time, I hope to continue to refine my content analysis tools and will probably further tag and classify this old content to make it more accessible to others (and myself).

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