Freeshell has moved

12/07/2009 18:02:07

My old site at has finally been shut down. I moved to this new domain 2 1/2 years ago, and moved most of the “important” content over within a short period of time. I left the old site up partly out of laziness, and partly because there was still some content on there that may have been of interest to some people.

I have now moved that vast majority of the content from my old wikis — both at freeshell, and the old wiki here at I have not moved the comments, but I plan to do so at some point. We’ll see.

If you attempted to go to a page at the old site, and were redirected here then please feel free to look around. It may take Google a few days to index the new pages here, so the search function may be limited. But the “similar pages” feature is working, and tags are working for the pages that have them. You can also browse the archives.

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