Wish List

10/31/2005 13:45:30
tags: OddMuse, web

A list of things I want to add to this site, or things that others would like to see:

  • A module for OddMuse that would automatically classify pages into “neighborhoods” of similar posts. If you found a page that interested you, it could point you towards other pages that might interest you. Could also be used to automatically generate a SiteMap (something similar now exists with my ClusterMap Module, but I would also like something that evaluates content)

    • Not quite the same thing, but my new [[TagMap Module]] does something similar with tags, but not by actually analyzing the content. Like this idea, however, it starts with no preconceived ideas of how the tags should be related to each other.
  • a module that would chart/graph/whatever the number of posts to an OddMuse wiki per day - just out of curiosity it would be nice to be able to visually represent the activity on my site

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