10/28/2005 18:32:53
tags: OddMuse, web

I am experimenting with a new feature - Tag Maps. A while ago, I created the ClusterMap Module as a means to automatically create a useful map of the site. It works well in the sense that each page can be assigned to a PageCluster, and this cluster relationship is used to build a single level hierarchical map of the site.

The downside is that each page can only belong to one cluster, and you have to really think about where to put a page so that it is in close proximity to related pages.

The other day, I discovered a neat site by Kaspar Schiess. It takes the tags you have used at delicious and uses some basic set theory to create a multi-level hierarchical map of the tags that shows the structure that arises from your tagging habits.

I have long been looking to do something like this on my wiki, and was finally inspired to an approach by seeing Kaspar’s site. He was kind enough to give me a basic description of his approach, and then I went on to write a quick perl program that does something similar.

Then I wrote a module for OddMuse to use this program to create a TagMap. As more and more pages are tagged with appropriate terms, the map for the site will emerge, and pages will automatically be located on the map close to similar pages.

Feel free to add appropriate tags to pages - it will make the site more and more useful.

Once I feel that the bugs are worked out, I will post the code for the TagCategorizer and the module.

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