Imagegallery Plugin

10/28/2005 19:41:23

Imagegallery is a plugin designed to display a directory of images within a blosxom story.

Download plugin:

Imagegallery allows you to easily add galleries to your blosxom web page. To make a fully functional gallery requires 2 folders of images, one for thumbnails, and one for the full-size images. The thumbnail and image must have the same filename. Additionally, you can have a third folder for comments about each image (using the same filename, but with a .txt extension).

To set it up, you simply insert a tag into your story telling the plugin where the images are stored:

and you insert several fields into your story template as desired:


The gallery variable will be replaced with the images themselves. The comments variable will be used when looking at a single image to provide more description.

The gallery folder specified in the tag above contains the three sub-folders necessary for the images themselves.

The plugin only displays the pictures in a single-story view, preventing your category pages from being too crowded.

The image folder itself has to be stored somewhere accessible to your web server (perhaps /images), and therefore cannot be in your blosxom datadir itself.

The hierararchy needed for the folders is as follows:

|   |-1.jpg
|   |-2.jpg
|   |-1.jpg
|   |-2.jpg

This directory structure must be accessible to the web server. The program bases it’s listing on what it finds in the IMAGES folder, not the other two. So you MUST have an image, but DO NOT necessarily need a thumbnail or a comment file. There are also a few variables within the plugin that need to be set properly.

(Update) Several people have noted that they needed to install the interpolate_conditional plugin (it must be functioning properly as well!!) for this plugin to work.

I invite anyone who had trouble getting this plugin setup to expand on the installation instructions…

Also, my galleries are now on OddMuse, so I don’t have any sample galleries available using imagegallery. Perhaps someone else has a link to offer up?

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