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11/19/2005 20:52:54
tags: blosxom, web

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Iconset is a plugin for Blosxom that allows you to assign an icon to an individual story. It is used in combination with the icons plugin by Gregory Bair.

If you have both plugins installed, then simply drop iconset into your plugin directory. By adding the tag

to your story, your override the default icon with ####. If you do not have the icons plugin, then you use $iconset::iconset as the variable in your templates.

The only required configuration is that you set the directory where your icons are stored in the $logos_url variable in iconset.

Hope that this is helpful!!

Version 0.2

The new version of the iconset plugin allows you to set all stories in a given category to a particular icon using a definitions file (details in the plugin code).

The original version of iconset was used as a supplement to the icons plugin. This version can be used as a supplement, or as a replacement, as it can now do everything the icons plugin could do, and more. Using the icons plugin you had to do one of two things:

  • Your entire datadir had to be readable by the world in order to access images for top-level categories AND subcategories


  • You could only assign icons to top-level categories and have a secured datadir

In either case, you could not assign an icon to only a single story in one of those categories, it was “all or nothing”

Using this plugin, you can assign icons on a story by story basis, either within the story itself, or in a definitions file. Or you can use the definitions file to assign icons to all stories in any category or subcategory you specify. The images can all be in a single directory, allowing you to protect your datadir, and a single file can be used for multiple categories if you wish. And if you wish to get really fancy, you can use regexp’s to fine tune control as much as you desire.

Basically, this plugin does the same thing as the icons plugin, but it allows you more individualized control over which icons appear with which story. As of version 0.2, you can replace the icons plugin completely and remove it, or continue to use them side-by-side. But this will probably cause a slight performance hit as some things are done twice. It’s up to you!!

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