Blosxom Plugins

10/03/2008 17:19:49
tags: blosxom, web

I used to use the blosxom weblog package to maintain my website, but over time I grew tired of it, and wanted something a little different. Additionally, I was having trouble with comment spam and wanted a way to let visitors help me police the spam. I decided on a wiki, and began using Oddmuse.

I am not actively maintaining my blosxom software any more, and was recently contacted by some developers who are. My plugins are now being hosted by the sourceforge development effort. Hopefully everything will get moved over and be more accessible and more up-to-date.

In any case, for now you can still access most of my blosxom software at my old site:

Here is a list of the plugins I have released to the public:

  • Antispam Plugin
  • Autolink Plugin
  • Blacklist Plugin
  • Blosxcss Plugin
  • Blosxom Anacron Plugin
  • BlosxomDebug
  • Emptymessage Plugin
  • EntriesCache Plugin
  • Find Plugin
  • Hide Plugin
  • Iconset Plugin
  • Imagegallery Plugin
  • Karma Plugin
  • Login Plugin
  • Menu Plugin
  • Recentwritebacks Plugin
  • Redirect Plugin
  • RelatedFiles Plugin
  • Seewritebacks Plugin
  • Writebackplus Plugin
  • Zlocaldepth Plugin

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