MultiMarkdown 6 Supports EPUB 3

03/13/2017 18:18:00


MMD v6 now provides support for direct creation of EPUB 3 files. Previously a separate tool was required to create EPUB files from MMD. It’s now built- in. Currently, EPUB 3 files are built using the usual HTML 5 output. No extra CSS is applied, so the default from the reader will be used. Images are not yet supported, but support is planned for the future.

EPUB files can be highly customized with other tools, and I recommend doing that for production quality files. For example, apparently performance is improved when the content is divided into multiple files (e.g. one file per chapter). MMD creates EPUB 3 files using a single file. Tools like Sigil are useful for improving your EPUB files, and I recommend doing that.

Not all EPUB readers support v3 files. I don’t plan on adding support for older versions of the EPUB format, but other tools can convert to other document formats you need. Same goes for Amazon’s ebook formats – the Calibre program can also be used to interconvert between formats.

NOTE: Because EPUB documents are binary files, MMD only creates them when run in batch mode (using the -b\--batch options). Otherwise, it simply outputs the HTML 5 file that would serve as the primary content for the EPUB.

multimarkdown -b -t epub original.txt

Download the latest version from Github

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