MultiMarkdown 3.0a3 available

12/22/2010 21:40:04

The latest release of MultiMarkdown 3.0 (AKA peg-multimarkdown) is available. This release fixes a few memory leaks (still more to go…), a bug in table parsing, a bug in metadata parsing, and a couple of other bugs.

Additionally, there is now a “batch mode” that allows you to process multiple files at once into HTML or LaTeX. My goal is that a single binary should be able to handle most of what I previously used a rather complicated system of perl scripts to do.

So now you can do any of the following to process a text file (or multiple text files) into HTML:

cat file.txt | multimarkdown > file.html
multimarkdown file.txt > file.html
multimarkdown -b file.txt

Note: Previously several of the scripts, and similar, would not just convert the MultiMarkdown file into LaTeX, but would then run the pdflatex commands to create the pdf automatically. This convenience script certainly simplified things for those who knew what they were doing, but it made things seem a bit too much like “magic” to some, who then had trouble distinguishing problems with LaTeX from problems with MultiMarkdown. So, in order to make it clear that I don’t actually support LaTeX, and that MultiMarkdown doesn’t really have anything to do with processing LaTeX (it simply helps you to generate the source file), and to keep the MultiMarkdown binary compatible across systems, I will no longer support this feature. MultiMarkdown’s “responsibility” ends prior to processing the LaTeX. I suggest using latexmk or something similar to automate that process (essentially, my script simply mimicked a “dumb” version of what latexmk does.)

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