MultiMarkdown 3.2 Available

09/15/2011 22:21:03

1) This version comes with the usual handful of bug fixes and tweaks

2) The major change is that MultiMarkdown no longer requires GLib2, on any platform. This means that compiling on any hardware should be much easier. I believe that all of the code is now ANSI C. While this won’t mean anything to most users, it should allow you to compile MMD 3 on just about any hardware or operating system you like. (That statement is probably wrong. And I’m sure I’ll hear about it. But it sounds good, right! :)

3) The Mac OS X installer uses a version of MMD that should run on any reasonably recent hardware or software. The exception to this is when you have a strange blend of recent hardware, but an older version of the OS (or vice versa). If you have trouble, download the legacy zip and manually replace the multimarkdown executable in /usr/local/bin with the appropriate replacement. I’ve run MMD on an old G3 PPC powerbook/ibook on 10.4. So it can be done!! (If you’re still having trouble with the legacy versions, try compiling from scratch).

4) The changes to the MMD code should now allow it to be built for iOS applications. I have not done this, but contact the developer of your favorite iOS text editor and get them to get started on an upgrade — there’s no reason for you not to be able to satisfy your MMD fix on your iPhone and iPad now!!

I’m hoping that this version is relatively stable - it runs for me on Mac, Ubuntu Linux, and Windows, and passes the appropriate tests with one exception. Apparently the code change affects the way that random numbers are generated. So any test involving obfuscated email will no longer pass, but that should be the only change from prior versions.

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