MultiMarkdown 3.0a6 released

01/19/2011 20:05:34

MultiMarkdown version 3.0a6 fixes a few bugs, reverts from using tabulary to using tabular by default in LaTeX, improves smart quotes and non-ascii characters, and adds a “german guillemet” language option.

As always, test it out and let me know how it works for you. I am nearing the point where I am ready to move into beta. I still need to add the ability to have a separate label and caption for tables, but otherwise the syntax is almost complete. There are a few behind the scenes changes I want to make that affect me more than it affects you. I am always looking for better fixes for memory leaks. There are probably a few issues that are lurking for users batch processing multiple documents at once using a few specific metadata options that I need to fix.

But it’s getting close to being “finished.”

Mac Users Only

One of the potentially complicated changes was a change to the development architecture. I was previously using a version of glib2 that was installed by fink. Despite my best efforts, it was installed using a version compiled for i386, which meant that the entire binary had to be targeted towards i386. This is why I had so much difficulty with Makefiles early on.

The new version of MMD 3 that is included in the Mac installer is compiled for the x86_64 architecture. The versions of the included library binaries are also compiled for x86_64 (I think).

If you install MMD 3.0a6 on a Mac, and you get errors about i386/i686/x86_64 this is almost certainly the cause. Send an email to the MultiMarkdown discussion list detailing what sort of machine you are using, what version of OS X you have installed, and exactly what error message occurs when you try to run multimarkdown. If you send it to the list, I can try and help, but more importantly other people smarter than me might be able to help come up with a better fix for everyone.

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