peg-multimarkdown 3.0a available

12/11/2010 21:27:32

An alpha version of the next release of MultiMarkdown is available on github. There are several options for using it:

  • Macintosh installer - precompiled binary for Mac OS X

  • install from scratch on Linux or Mac OS X - fairly easy if you’re used to this sort of thing

  • build from scratch on Windows — not so easy (let me know if you’re interested in helping to make this easier for Windows users)

See the github page for instructions on building and using peg-multimarkdown.

If you’re interested in LaTeX, you’ll probably want to download the support files as some examples. It’s done a little differently than the previous MMD to LaTeX workflow.

See this post for further information about what this is. It’s somewhat different than the current version of MultiMarkdown.

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Old Comments

I left out the libintl.8.dylib library from the Mac Installer. Version 3.0a1 includes this library as well.

Should work, I hope!

BTW, there is now an installer for Windows as well as Mac OS X. It’s not quite as automatic, but it will install the dll files with a bat file.