Status update on SimplenoteSync

01/31/2010 10:32:52

A few months ago, I wrote the script to scratch a particular itch. I wanted to use Notational Velocity on my mac, and Simplenote on my iPhone, and I wanted the same data on both.

So I wrote the perl script, got it (mostly) working, and released it for others to try out. Thanks to everyone’s feedback, I was able to fix some bugs, and improve the script. I even received an email from NV’s author informing me that there would eventually be built-in support for Simplenote synchronization.

It looks like that has finally arrived. I have not reviewed the code, but I imagine that for users who just want to synchronize their Notational Velocity database with Simplenote, the built-in approach will definitely be easier, and likely more reliable than using SimplenoteSync. For these users, it would appear that SimplenoteSync is no longer necessary.

There are definitely other mac users of SimplenoteSync who don’t use Notational Velocity (why not?!??!?), and users of other operating systems who can’t. For these people, SimplenoteSync is still an option. is still available. It’s open source, so anyone can improve it. I’ll still answer emails, and of course the discussion list is still around. But I haven’t been using SimplenoteSync myself for quite a while (I switched primarily to WriteRoom, and will now use Notational Velocity to directly sync with Simplenote for the occasional use). I’m not actively developing it, though I will certainly add any bug fixes that I become aware of.

To summarize, my recommendations are:

  • If you use a mac, you really should try out Notational Velocity, and its support for synchronizing to Simplenote

  • Otherwise, you can still use SimplenoteSync and it will continue to work as well as it has so far

  • Please contact me via the discussion list if you have questions about using If you have difficulty or questions about how to use the command line, perl, shell scripts, etc then please use google to find more appropriate resources.

Thank you to everyone who has used and supported, and I’ll continue to support ongoing users as much as I can!

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