How to delete all notes from Simplenote

01/31/2010 13:25:07

With the recent addition of Simplenote synchronization to Notational Velocity, I wanted to experiment with the new features and check out my Simplenote account.

However, I discovered that I had a bunch of notes, duplicates, and other cruft in my Simplenote account, and I seemed to be unable to delete them. They kept reappearing.

After trial and error, I was able to figure out how to finally kill them for good:

  1. Delete the simplenote application from your iPhone

  2. Run the “” script that I added to — this script systematically deletes all notes from your Simplenote account.

  3. In order to prevent the notes from reappearing, you have to start with a fresh copy of the iPhone app. You can now reinstall it, and connect it to your Simplenote account using the previous login and password.

  4. After synchronizing you should have a fresh install. You can now migrate any old notes over using your method of choice (Notational Velocity,, etc)

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