My OddMuse Modules

09/06/2008 11:26:21 AM
tags: OddMuse

Oddmuse is a perl-based wiki program, derived from UseModWiki.

I have written several modules for Oddmuse. Rather than duplicating effort at maintaining pages, those modules are now described solely at the Oddmuse site:

  • AntiSpam Module - attempt to hide email addresses from spammers

  • ClusterMap Module - automatically generate a Site Map from your Clusters

  • CreationDate Module

  • permanently store the author and date that a page was created

  • FlickrGallery Module - automatically create an image gallery from a Flickr photo set

  • HtmlLinks Module - allow the use of raw HTML on specific pages

  • LogBannedContent Module

  • record information about people trying to spam your site

  • Login Module - require users to have an account and login before editing your site

  • Markdown Extension

  • originally written by Alex, now maintained by me. Allows you to use the MultiMarkdown syntax for your Oddmuse wiki.

  • PDF Module - use MultiMarkdown to generate a pdf version of pages in your site

  • PlainClusterRC Module

  • PlainSite Module - make your site appear less like a wiki and more like a “regular” site

  • Sitemap-index Module

  • add a plain text list of all pages in the wiki, suitable for indexing by Google

  • Static Hybrid Module

  • pregenerate pages as html files, greatly speeding up the time it takes to serve your site

  • TagMap Module - similar to the ClusterMap Module, this creates a map of the tags in use on your site, and automatically generates a hierarchy based on basic set theory

  • WrapperDiv Module - fixed a flaw in the layout of <divs> in Oddmuse (this has now been wrapped into the core Oddmuse functionality and this module is no longer required.)

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