Format Text Pro

10/28/2005 19:51:18

This is a sister program to ScreenplayFormatPro. Whereas ScreenplayFormatPro converts a text file into an rtf file, FormatTextPro leaves the file as a text file, but cleans it up a bit to make it easier to read, yet still compatible with ScreenplayFormatPro.

Download it:

Basically, it substitutes aliases, cleans up transitions, capitalizes sluglines, and helps ensure proper formatting.

Because the output will still be a text file, it does not do anything with margins or page breaks.

My recommended procedure would be to do your basic typing in a plain text file. As you reach good stopping points, run the file through FormatTextPro to clean it up and make it easier to read. This would also be a format that could be shared with a co-author or someone you want to do some editing. This file can then be re-run through FormatTextPro, or through ScreenplayFormatPro to create a “final” rtf file that has proper margins, etc. Once the file is in rtf format, there is no easy way to translate it back to text for further editing, though you can always edit the rtf file itself in your word processor. Just don’t screw up the formatting because then you are on your own.

Remember, this is designed as a free alternative to a “real” screenplay writing program, and for people who like to do their editing in a more traditional text editor without worrying about formatting and templates, etc. Also, my favorite feature is using your file with CVS to track revisions - who changed what and when….

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