MultiMarkdown v. 5.1.0 Released

02/22/2016 22:21:00

What’s New?

5.1.0 - 2016–02–22

  • ADDED: Add script to build drag and drop apps on OS X
  • ADDED: Beginning code for public header file support; ADDED: Beginning configuration for OS X Bundle/Framework targets
  • ADDED: Include support for Xcode libraries to be iOS compatible
  • CHANGED: Update copyright info for 2016
  • CHANGED: Update test suite
  • FIXED: Allow ATX Headers inside lists
  • FIXED: Allow ‘naturally’ aligned table cells like MMD 2 allowed
  • FIXED: Allow metadata variables inside links (e.g. [[%foo]][bar])
  • FIXED: Allow newline inside strong/emph (Fixes #10)
  • FIXED: Change handling of version.h file for deprecated make to keep it separate from cmake alternative
  • FIXED: Don’t delete src/version.h
  • FIXED: Fix problem with strong/emph matching incorrectly
  • FIXED: Fix regression in list/heading fix that was overeager
  • FIXED: Include ‘fake’ version.h for make deprecate
  • FIXED: Include additional standard metadata keys in the list to not be included in HTML headers
  • FIXED: Remove unneeded install directive; FIXED: Fix public header install prefix (I think)
  • FIXED: Update MMD test suite for recent table alignment change
  • FIXED: fix ‘make deprecate’ so that it truly doesn’t require cmake
  • FIXED: Improve tight vs loose list detection with unusual setext headers
  • NOTE: Fixed git clone instructions in documentation
  • NOTE: Update test suite

Where is it?

The MultiMarkdown v5 source is on github:

Pre-compiled binaries are available on the Github project release page:

The User’s Guide has more information about MultiMarkdown:

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