09/09/2007 17:25:58

I have recently fixed a security hole in the Markdown extension for Oddmuse (new version is 1.38). This fix may have reintroduced a previously fixed problem, but I don’t recall what the original problem was….

So for now, I recommend using 1.38 or higher.

Let me know if this breaks anything.


I think I figured out the problem this fixed - it caused difficulty with escaping HTML in code blocks. This should be fixed as of version 1.39.


Found another problem - automatic links were broken, but should be fixed as of 1.40. Automatic links are of the form:


A known bug in this fix is that automatic links in codespans ARE interpreted as a link, when they should not be (e.g. <http://somelink/>). I’ll try and fix this, but I welcome input…

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