Another Mac App Store issue...

01/06/2013 18:21:27
tags: OS X, computer, Mac

I ran into an interesting App Store related hurdle this evening. I probably heard this before, but had forgotten since it didn’t apply to me at the time. Basically sandboxing and iCloud access go hand and hand — there appears to be no way to have one without the other.

I was experimenting with adding iCloud access to Composer v2. It works great - the file open/save dialogs immediately give you access to any files that you have saved to iCloud (whether from another Mac with Composer, or from an iOS device). When I tried testing on my other machine, however, the app wouldn’t launch.

I finally figured out that enabling iCloud in the non-sandboxed version of Composer is a no-go…. Which is unfortunate.

The one upside, is that the iCloud folder is a “safe-zone” as far as sandboxing goes — any images, CSS, javascript, or BibTeX files in here can safely be opened by a sandboxed copy of Composer….

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