Using MultiMarkdown With OmniOutliner for iOS

05/22/2011 12:24:47

Since the iPad was first announced last year, I have been waiting for OmniOutliner to be released in an iOS compatible version. Last week, it finally happened.

As you may or may not know, MultiMarkdown is interconvertible with OPML outline files, allowing you to edit longer documents either in plain text, or as a structured outline. As soon as OmniOutliner for iPad was released, I set about figuring out how to integrate it with my MultiMarkdown workflow.

First, the bad news: Omni still has not figured out a good mechanism for document synchronization between an iOS device and your computer. I wish they would hurry up and integrate Dropbox while they continue to work on their own solution.

That said, you can work around this and migrate OPML documents to and from your iPad in away that allows you to work with MultiMarkdown. Use the Inspectors->Document and make sure “Compress on disk” is unchecked, and then save the document.

Then, you want to make sure that the document is a single file, and not a directory. If it is a directory, inside it will be a file “contents.xml”. Save that file as a new document outside the directory — “file.oo3” for example. This new .oo3 file can be synchronized via Dropbox, and then opened in OmniOutliner on your iPad.

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