MultiMarkdown 3.0 released!!!

04/08/2011 15:32:06

I decided to go ahead and release the final version of 3.0. Not to say that there won’t be any bug fixes, as I’m sure there will be. There are still a few kinks in the OpenDocument support I would like to work out, but I suspect that those are going to take a while. So, I figure now is as good a time as any….

The MultiMarkdown section of my web site has been totally redesigned. I hope to make few more tweaks, and will certainly fix any typos that are discovered. I’ve tried to streamline things so that it is easier for new visitors to “get.” I’m trying to consolidate the documentation so that everything is in one place, rather than duplicated in various corners of the internet. My hope is that this will be better for new and old users alike.

I’ve rewritten (most) of the User’s Manual so that it is consistent with MultiMarkdown 3.0. I still need to work on the FAQ section (it’s still a bit of a mess at the moment), but most of it seems ready:

  • User’s Manual - pdf

  • User’s Manual - wiki

All of the MultiMarkdown related software is stored on github. Currently, MultiMarkdown 3.0 downloads are under peg-multimarkdown.

MultiMarkdown 2.0 (the Perl version) is not gone, but it is no longer under active development. In the next few days, I will rename the github projects (and therefore the URLs) to represent this shift.

Thanks again to everyone who has been so helpful in improving MultiMarkdown 3.0 — I’m very excited about this!

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Old Comments

I am looking forward to trying MMD3, but I was disappointed to see the lack of RTF conversion. As an academic, one one of the big selling points for me was being able to write in MMD in Scrivener, Textmate, Elements etc., and know that I could easily convert the text to an rtf with footnotes-something essential in academic writing. It also meant I could write one document and easily convert it to rtf, HTML, and PDF…the three document formats I use on a regular basis.

Is it possible this conversion ability could be put back into MMD? One of the appeals of TextMate was the MMD conversions.

Cheers, MVopat

See the FAQ for more information about RTF.

It’s gone. I’m not putting it back. But you can easily add it back, such as it was.

But I really encourage you to reconsider the use of the RTF format.