03/12/2007 00:00:00

I made several bug fixes and improvements to the Markdown Extension, which fixed some strange happenings here and at my old site. We’ll see what else I discover.

I know things have been quiet lately, but I wanted to announce a couple of MultiMarkdown related happenings:

  1. I am in the process of creating a new website, and MultiMarkdown is one of the first things to be moved. The new address is http://fletcherpenney.net/. A new look, a new URL, some new technology, and some new content. I have not moved much from the old site yet, but it’s coming. As always, I welcome ideas for how to make it better.

  2. At the new site, you can download the latest versions of MultiMarkdown and the TextMate bundle (2.0a2):

(2.0a2 is now finalized, so even if you have another “a2” version, it might be worth the download)

  1. I have begun working on some new documentation, and it is being placed on the new site. I hope to get a big chunk of new documentation up in the next week or two. More importantly, I am working on some ways to help synchronize the wiki and the more “formal” documentation that will be released, so that it all evolves together.

  2. If you haven’t already, check out (and contribute to!) the MultiMarkdown discussion list:

  3. Once I get some documentation in place, I hope to finalize MultiMarkdown 2.0. This will include coming up with a better installer for Mac users to make updating easier. This should be in the next month or so…

That’s all I can think of now…

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