MultiMarkdown 3.0b2 Released

02/05/2011 20:53:52

I have released MultiMarkdown 3.0b2 today. This version includes a couple of bug fixes, and a few “cosmetic” changes to the LaTeX output.

More importantly, I have continued to work on the XSLT files. I have added beamer.xslt and updated the utility scripts to support it. I have begun testing the XSLT files on some of my more complex documents, and they have done well. I made a few tweaks in this release that bring both approaches to generating LaTeX almost perfectly in sync, with two exceptions:

  • In certain circumstances, there may be differences between the two approaches that cause an extra blank line in the LaTeX output. These lines should not affect the actual PDF output in any way.

  • When using comments in the MultiMarkdown source to include raw LaTeX, there may be differences in the whitespace causing the removal of one or two newline characters. I don’t believe there is any way around this.

I need to add one or two things to the beamer version, but it’s getting close to finished.

I have also started working on the new documentation, which will be stored in the wiki.

As always — download the new version here:

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