09/16/2007 14:45:47

I have released version 2.0.b3 of MultiMarkdown today. As always, it can be downloaded from:


Some of the changes include:

  • 2.0.b3

    • move the clean-text routine from xhtml2latex.xslt into it’s own file (to allow easier modification by users)

    • create alternate version that does not protect certain characters in order to allow raw LaTeX code to be passed through

    • added latex-snippet.xslt stylesheet for inclusion in outside LaTeX template systems

    • added xhtml-poetry-support.xslt and xhtml-toc.xslt to demonstrate how to extend MMD functionality for XHTML output with new system

    • fix bug in SmartyPants that processed typography within <style> sections (thanks AmberV)

    • fix handling of links by reference in headers and handling of attributes when links are referenced multiple times (thanks to Edward Nixon)

    • fix bug in epigraphs (thanks etherean)

    • improve id generation for footnotes - e.g. match behavior of PHP Markdown Extra (thanks to Özgür Gökmen)

    • fix bug in id generation for ToC for XHTML documents

    • fix problem with \ldots command (thanks to etherean and James Howison)

    • fix issue with &#160; and tilde character

    • fix bug where footnote special characters were not unescaped (thanks to Chad Schmidt)

    • clean up documentation a bit

  • 2.0.b2 - fix processing of footnotes so that ending in a blockquote doesn’t break validity

    • fix bug in letter.xslt

    • overhaul XSLT system to allow for different XSLT files for different output formats (e.g. HTML, RTF, LaTeX)

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