Redirect Plugin

10/28/2005 19:41:48
tags: blosxom, web

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One problem with having a weblog is that you become somewhat committed to your URL structure. If you decide to rearrange your site, you run the risk of breaking external links. The autocorrect plugin helps, attempting to find a story that might have moved.

The difficulty with this is that the url’s don’t really get fixed.

I once moved my site out of the “/weblog” directory by improving my .htaccess file (thereby removing one “piece” of cruft from the url. I like the url’s better, but I have lots of links out there that still point to the “/weblog” hierarchy. I came up with some ways of pointing this out to human viewers, but robots still travel the old hierarchy, and it’s a pain for people to figure out where to go.

This plugin allows you to set up a redirect file that consists of lines like the following:


If someone tries to go to a non-existent directory, you can re-route them automatically to the new location, and the url is updated in their browser. For instance, my redirect file looks like this:


Basically it strips out the weblog directory, creating a URL that is now valid.

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