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10/28/2005 19:40:43
tags: blosxom, web

This is a plugin for Blosxom. Find allows you to add a searchbox to your blosxom weblog.

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How to Use

Find allows you to put a search box anywhere on your site that enables users to search your articles for specific term(s). Because it filters the stories that are listed, you can modify the search box so that it will only search a specific subdirectory if your site, but by default it searches your entire site. It will also be compatible with other plugins that restrict what you can see because it only removes pages, it does not add them. In other words, if you have excluded certain pages from view, they will not be inadvertently displayed by this plugin.

To use this program, add $find::searchform anywhere in your flavor templates. This will create a search box that will be configured to perform a default search of your site. If you wish, you can alter the html code for the form within the plugin. I also suggest putting $find::results somewhere so that the user can see what they searched for when the results are displayed. Otherwise, it really requires no configuration.

The searches performed by this search are only boolean “OR” searches. In other words, if you list two words, it will display pages that match EITHER of them, not just those that match BOTH of them. To add “AND” searches would require much more complicated coding that I don’t think would be worth the extra time at this point.

However, if you have someone wishing to perform an advanced search, you can enter regexp’s in the search box as well, which would allow you to perform AND searches with careful regexp’s….

There are more features available - check out the source code, and feel free to help me improve the documentation here.

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