Blosxom Anacron Plugin

10/28/2005 19:40:23
tags: blosxom, web

Download plugin:

This plugin allows you to set up certain system commands that will be run after a specified interval of time, in a manner similar to the utility anacron.

Every time Blosxom loads, it checks the command list and the timestamp of the last time each command was run. If longer than the specified interval has elapsed, the command is run, and the timestamp is updated.

The commands that you choose to run are up to you. Keep in mind that slow commands might impact the performance of your webserver. I don’t recommend running complicated commands this way, but it may be able to serve a useful purpose.

The format for the anacron_tab file is as follows:


command is a program to be executed

interval is the interval duration in seconds between executions.

(86,400 seconds = 24 hours, 3600 seconds = 1 hour)

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