Blacklist Plugin

10/28/2005 20:36:57
tags: blosxom, web

This plugin allows you to create a blacklist file ( and a whitelist ) for your weblog that allows you to specify certain IP addresses that simply receive a 404 message making it appear as if your site is no longer there. You may wish to alter this to give a 410 message, if you like.

Download plugin:

The plugin works by comparing the visitors IP address to the whitelist first. If there is a match, things work as normally. Otherwise, the blacklist file is used for comparison. If this matches, then the plugin is called at the end of the page generation, deletes the display information, and sends the status code.

This means that Blosxom DOES otherwise process the request, including accepting any CGI input. You may wish to disable certain plugins where indicated in the blacklist plugin code.

The blacklist and whitelist files consist of one IP address per line. You may also use regexp’s to match more than one IP address at a time. As mentioned above, whitelists supersede blacklists. This would allow you to block an entire subdomain with a regexp, and then add a single IP address to your whitelist that should be allowed.

Please be careful with this, as you may inadvertently block access to many visitors and never know it….

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