08/02/2005 20:28:15


Pages is Apple’s new word processor, a “word processor with incredible style.”

It’s basically a hybrid between a word processor and a desktop publishing application. It doesn’t have all of the word processing features of a bloated app like Word, but has all the features the majority of users employ on a daily basis. More importantly, however, it helps you create a much more polished result (IMHO…)

I enjoy pushing things to the limit and looking for alternate ways of accomplishing tasks. I have experimented with LaTeX, which is wonderful for allowing you to focus on content while authoring a document, and letting the program take care of the page layout. One use for this was my resume. I found a LaTeX class for resumes created by Miklós Csürös. I made a few formatting changes to fix some issues with margins, and used it to create my CV.

After getting Pages the other day, I decided to learn to use it by recreating that resume class in a Pages Template. If you have Pages, you can download it:


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