ICD-9 Coder

08/18/2005 13:38:53

This is an example of what can be created with Tiger and CoreData. Therefore, you must be using Mac OS X 10.4 in order to use it.

Basically, this is a program to help you find ICD–9 codes. Useful for medical professionals, but that’s about it. Programmers may find it useful as an example of what can be so easily done with CoreData, without actually writing any code… I was impressed by how easy it was to tie everything together, and how quickly an 11,000 item database was loaded from a SQLLite file…

Not too bad!!



  • http://fletcher.freeshell.org/downloads/ICD–9_Coder_1.0b.zip - The application itself
  • http://fletcher.freeshell.org/downloads/ICD–9_Coder_Source_1.0b.zip - The source files for the application
  • http://fletcher.freeshell.org/downloads/ICD–9_Converter_1.0.zip - Utility and data files to update the ICD–9 codes database

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