04/18/2005 20:42:35

I have to admit, I am really looking forward to getting my copy of Tiger and installing it. I am looking forward to checking out Spotlight, Dashboard, and the other little goodies.

But mostly I am looking forward to trying out the new developers tools, including CoreData. If it’s implemented half as well as it could be, it will greatly simplify rapidly creating new applications. Most applications are simply means of viewing and editing relatively straightforward data objects and consist of the same operations (copy, paste, cut, edit, search, filter, save, read, etc). I hope that CoreData makes managing these operations as ridiculously simple as Interface Builder, Controllers, etc, make managing the GUI.

It should make it easy to prototype some simple EMR programs and utilities. The first thing I will probably do is write a quick app to search for ICD-9/ICD-10 codes (as well as procedure codes, etc). An “iTunes-like” GUI (strange how many apps compare themselves to the iTunes interface these days…) should be easy to build with CoreData and Interface Builder. By typing a few letters you can easily filter down to the most appropriate entries. The built in SQLite engine will make it easy to store the data. XML conversion would make it easy to convert the data to and from other formats. I am excited about the multitude of applications this could help small developers create for the OS X system. We’ll see!

Also, I hope it actually arrives on or before 4/29 as promised - in the past, my pre-ordered Apple products always arrive on Monday or Tuesday, rather than Friday… I never understood releasing new products just before the weekend, causing many people to have to wait 3–4 extra days… ;)

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