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04/24/2006 19:58:53



\PubMedBrowser is a simple program for Mac OS X that allows you to interactively search the PubMed interface to MEDLINE in order to search life science journals.

Basically, you gradually add more and more information about the article(s) you are looking for until you have a manageable number of matching citations. Then, you can copy the BibTeX formatted citation file into your reference manager of choice. (I prefer BibDesk.)

There is no hard limit on how many results can be returned, but I don’t guarantee success if you try to download a large number. Remember, the goal is to narrow your search before downloading a long list of citations. This program is relatively simple - it searches \PubMed, and does it fairly well. But it is not as full featured as more complex search programs such as Sente. But if you are trying to find a single citation, you may find it faster to use the incremental approach offered by \PubMedBrowser. On the other hand, Sente may be more useful to you if you are interested in browsing hundreds or thousands of results.

About this Project

\PubMedBrowser is open source - the source code should have been included with this file. It is available under the GPL.

I welcome feedback and suggestions. Feel free to give me ideas for new features, or point out bugs in the code. More importantly, feel free to use this as a guide to add similar features to other programs

Where to Download

This program and the source code are available from my website:

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