MultiMarkdown v. 5.0.1 Released

12/01/2015 11:42:00

What’s New?

5.0.1 - 2015–12–01

  • IMPORTANT: Fix major error in last Makefile! (Only in build branch for a few minutes)
  • ADDED: Improve empty list item detection in ODF output
  • CHANGED: Remove unused node creation utilities
  • CHANGED: Update documentation
  • CHANGED: Use ‘const’ char * in g_string_new
  • CODE: Improve doxygen support in libMultiMarkdown.h
  • CODE: Refactor markdown_to_string() to separate parsing input text and writing output text via the intermediate node tree.
  • CODE: Use node creation shortcuts for consistency and future flexibility
  • FIX: Add 32 bit flag to older MinGW toolchain
  • FIX: Add label for 32 bit builds
  • FIX: Don’t run valgrind tests unless in ‘make debug’ mode
  • FIX: Don’t static link when using ‘make debug’ for valgrind testing
  • FIX: Fix memory leaks in transclude_source()
  • NOTE: Add developer notes to the README information
  • NOTE: Additional doxygen support
  • NOTE: Autogenerate changelog since last commit to master
  • NOTE: Begin tracking release notes in ‘’
  • NOTE: Change empty listitem detection logic for ODF output
  • NOTE: Change whitespace for easier diffing
  • NOTE: Remove redundant developer note in README
  • NOTE: Use tab instead of leading spaces in CHANGELOG-UNRELEASED

Where is it?

The MultiMarkdown v5 source is on github:

Pre-compiled binaries are available on the Github project release page:

The User’s Guide has more information about MultiMarkdown:

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